exceet to market industrial-use developer kit based on Raspberry Pi

• exceet Passepartout – a Developer Kit for design of industrial applications

• customizable standard technology accelerates development cycles

• industrial-use prototype development through to series manufacturing

Ebbs, Feb. 12, 2018 – exceet electronics is introducing an industrial-use developer kit based on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, providing a platform ideally suited to electronics development. The developer kit comes complete with all interfaces required for industrial use. In effect, exceet is bridging the gap between the Linux world and industry. Clients benefit from a plug-and-play solution that permits quick and easy implementation and secure connectivity among distributed devices. The use of standard technology enables simple customization to suit client requirements, guaranteeing shorter development cycles and faster time to market.

Raspberry Pi is one of the world’s best-known embedded Linux computers. With over 10 million units sold, the product is being used for IT training purposes at many universities and technical colleges. It is similarly popular in industry, where countless prototypes have been developed on the Raspberry Pi basis. Additionally, the modest price tag makes it an excellent starting point for smart electronics development. However, the Raspberry Pi isn’t ideally suited to industrial uses because its architecture isn’t directly compatible with industrial interfaces.

exceet Passepartout unites these two worlds by combining the Raspberry Pi with industrial-use interfaces. Based on a Compute Module 3 by the "Raspianberry Pi Fondation" and 24V power supply, CAN, RS485, 2x Ethernet, 1-wire-interface, LVDS display interface and further interfaces, exceet Passepartout is the ideal evaluation platform for prototype development in industrial environments. Additionally, exceet supports clients in series production, including chassis and display.

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