New Partnership between idVation GmbH and Africa Health Card S.A.

New Partnership between idVation GmbH and Africa Health Card S.A.


Darmstadt, March 14, 2011

idVation GmbH based in Darmstadt/ Germany – member of exceet ( – partners with Africa Health Card S.A. (AHC) based in Akwa-Douala/ Cameroon. AHC started a nationwide project for multi-functional chip cards in Cameroon which aims to be a regional project in the next few years. The project focuses on Health Care as well as on authentication via biometrical objects (here: fingerprint templates). It is planned that all members of health insurances and patients at hospitals plus customers from other institutions like banks, insurance companies etc. be equipped with a chip card that is produced and personalized by the exceet Card Group.

In addition to the cards, there will be card readers/ terminals installed at each enrollment station that are provided by idVation GmbH. Most important in this scenario is the explicit registration and the authentication/ identification of the customers and patients when using the cards. Hence, a high quality and performing fingerprint reader is installed plus various other secure components like a multifunctional chip card and clearly defined and secured processes during assembly and personalization. The first cards are already in the production and will be deployed shortly.

“The management of AHC S.A. works in a very professional way and we synchronize all activities very closely. Thanks to numerous personal meetings and precisely coordinated communication, we reached the decisions very quickly” explains Marc T. Hanne, Sales Director at idVation GmbH. The project will start in April and the next deployment cycles are already scheduled from end of Q2 until the end of 2011 and beyond.

AHC was found in 1994 by a number of professional computer engineers and senior management that has many years of smart card related project experience in various countries and regions in Africa. Apart from the project management locally, AHC also is in charge of the lobbying, networking, and organization of investors and important stake holders of this project. In addition to that, AHC also offers hands-on training, consulting, software development, system integration and local support.