Financial Calendar

The «Quiet Period» of exceet, in which investor relations activities are restricted, will begin for the results of the 2. Quarter on October 7, 2020 and ends on November 5, 2020 after closing of the market.


04/11/2021Publication of the Q3 quarterly statement as of September 30, 2021
05/08/2021Publication of the half-year financial statements as of June 30, 2021
24/06/2021Ordinary general meeting of exceet Group SCA in Luxembourg
06/05/2021 Publication of the Q1 quarterly statement as of March 31, 2021
18/03/2021Publication of the audited consolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2020


18/11/2020 German Equity Forum 2020, Online
05/11/2020Interim 9 Months Report 2020 (QIII)
06/08/2020Interim First Half Year Report 2020 (QII)
14/05/2020Annual General Meeting in Luxembourg
30/04/2020Interim First Quarter Report 2020 (QI)
12/03/2020Annual Financial Report 2019


05/11/2019Interim 9 Months Report 2019 (QIII)
06/08/2019Interim First Half Year Report 2019 (QII)
16/05/2019Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
30/04/2019Interim First Quarter Report 2019 (QI)
28/02/2019Annual Financial Report 2018


26-28/11/2018German Equity Forum 2018, Frankfurt/M.
05/11/2018Interim 9 Months Report 2018 (QIII)
06/08/2018Interim First Half Year Report 2018 (QII)
02/05/2018Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
30/04/2018Interim First Quarter Report 2018 (QI)
28/02/2018Annual Financial Report 2017


27-29/11/2017German Equity Forum 2017, Frankfurt/M.
06/11/2017Interim 9 Months Report 2017 (QIII)
07/08/2017Interim First Half Year Report 2017 (QII)
03/05/2017Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
02/05/2017Interim First Quarter Report 2017 (QI)
28/02/2017Annual Financial Report 2016


21/11/2016German Equity Forum 2016, Frankfurt/M.
07/11/2016Interim 9 Months Report 2016 (QIII)
15/09/2016Extraordinary Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
08/08/2016Interim First Half Year Report 2016 (QII)
04/05/2016Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
02/05/2016Interim First Quarter Report 2016 (QI)
02/03/2016Annual Financial Report 2015


24/11-26/11/2015German Equity Forum 2015, Frankfurt/M.
02/11/2015Interim 9 Months Report 2015 (QIII)
07/08/2015Interim First Half Year Report 2015 (QII)
06/05/2015Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
04/05/2015Interim First Quarter Report 2015 (QI)
27/02/2015Annual Financial Report 2014


24/11-26/11/2014German Equity Forum 2014, Frankfurt/M.
03/11/2014Interim 9 Months Report 2014 (QIII)
08/08/2014Interim First Half Year Report 2014 (QII)
07/05/2014Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
02/05/2014Interim First Quarter Report 2014 (QI)
31/03/2014Annual Accounts in accordance with Luxembourg Law
28/02/2014Annual Financial Report 2013


11/11-13/11/2013German Equity Forum 2013, Frankfurt/M.
07/11/2013Interim 9 Months Report 2013 (QIII)
16/08/2013Interim First Half Year Report 2013 (QII)
31/05/2013Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
13/05/2013Interim First Quarter Report 2013 (QI)
28/02/2013Annual Financial Report 2012
21/01/2013Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Investor Conference, Frankfurt/M.


20/11/2012Publication of the consolidated financial statements 9M/Q3/2012 
22/10/2012Publication of preliminary unaudited sales figures 9M/Q3/2012 
10/08/2012Publication of the consolidated half-year financial statements (at 30 June 2012) 
20/07/2012Publication of preliminary unaudited sales figures 6M/Q2/2012 
31/05/2012General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg, 12:00 CET 
15/05/2012Publication of the financial statement Q1/2012 
15/05/2012Deutsche Bank German, Swiss & Austrian Conference - Hilton City Hotel Frankfurt/Main
20/04/2012Publication of preliminary unatudited sales figures Q1/2012 
30/03/2012Publication of the audited annual accounts 2011, exceet Group SE 
15/02/2012Publication of preliminary unaudited consolidated sales figures 2011, exceet Group SE 
16/01/2012Cheuvreux' German Corporate Conference, 
16.-18. Jan. 2012 - Frankfurt Investor Presentation


07 - 08/12/2011Munich Capital Market Conference – Investor presentation
23/11/2011Publication of the 9-month figures 2011 and Analysts Conference (21-23 November 2011) at the Equity Forum in Frankfurt, at the same time.

Investors Conference of exceet Group SE at the Equity Forum 2011 at 3:00 pm, Room Madrid
21/11/2011Extraordinary General Meeting
Hotel Le Royal, Boulevard Royal 12, L-2449 Luxembourg, 11:00 CET
20/10/2011Preliminary revenue third quarter 2011 
(IFRS, unaudited)
15/09/2011Investor Conference: Berenberg Technology Sector Conference - Paris
29/08/2011Publication of the 6-month figures 2011
Helikos SE /Exceet Group
31/05/2011Annual General Meeting 
Annual General Meeting at 115, avenue Gaston Diderich, 1420 Luxembourg, at 14h00
31/05/2011First quarter financial report
28/04/2011Annual financial report