Financial Calendar


04/11/2021Publication of the Q3 quarterly statement as of September 30, 2021
05/08/2021Publication of the half-year financial statements as of June 30, 2021
24/06/2021Ordinary general meeting of exceet Group SCA in Luxembourg
06/05/2021 Publication of the Q1 quarterly statement as of March 31, 2021
18/03/2021Publication of the audited consolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2020


18/11/2020 German Equity Forum 2020, Online
05/11/2020Interim 9 Months Report 2020 (QIII)
06/08/2020Interim First Half Year Report 2020 (QII)
14/05/2020Annual General Meeting in Luxembourg
30/04/2020Interim First Quarter Report 2020 (QI)
12/03/2020Annual Financial Report 2019


05/11/2019Interim 9 Months Report 2019 (QIII)
06/08/2019Interim First Half Year Report 2019 (QII)
16/05/2019Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
30/04/2019Interim First Quarter Report 2019 (QI)
28/02/2019Annual Financial Report 2018


26-28/11/2018German Equity Forum 2018, Frankfurt/M.
05/11/2018Interim 9 Months Report 2018 (QIII)
06/08/2018Interim First Half Year Report 2018 (QII)
02/05/2018Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
30/04/2018Interim First Quarter Report 2018 (QI)
28/02/2018Annual Financial Report 2017


27-29/11/2017German Equity Forum 2017, Frankfurt/M.
06/11/2017Interim 9 Months Report 2017 (QIII)
07/08/2017Interim First Half Year Report 2017 (QII)
03/05/2017Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
02/05/2017Interim First Quarter Report 2017 (QI)
28/02/2017Annual Financial Report 2016


21/11/2016German Equity Forum 2016, Frankfurt/M.
07/11/2016Interim 9 Months Report 2016 (QIII)
15/09/2016Extraordinary Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
08/08/2016Interim First Half Year Report 2016 (QII)
04/05/2016Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
02/05/2016Interim First Quarter Report 2016 (QI)
02/03/2016Annual Financial Report 2015


24/11-26/11/2015German Equity Forum 2015, Frankfurt/M.
02/11/2015Interim 9 Months Report 2015 (QIII)
07/08/2015Interim First Half Year Report 2015 (QII)
06/05/2015Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
04/05/2015Interim First Quarter Report 2015 (QI)
27/02/2015Annual Financial Report 2014


24/11-26/11/2014German Equity Forum 2014, Frankfurt/M.
03/11/2014Interim 9 Months Report 2014 (QIII)
08/08/2014Interim First Half Year Report 2014 (QII)
07/05/2014Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
02/05/2014Interim First Quarter Report 2014 (QI)
31/03/2014Annual Accounts in accordance with Luxembourg Law
28/02/2014Annual Financial Report 2013


11/11-13/11/2013German Equity Forum 2013, Frankfurt/M.
07/11/2013Interim 9 Months Report 2013 (QIII)
16/08/2013Interim First Half Year Report 2013 (QII)
31/05/2013Annual General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg
13/05/2013Interim First Quarter Report 2013 (QI)
28/02/2013Annual Financial Report 2012
21/01/2013Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Investor Conference, Frankfurt/M.


20/11/2012Publication of the consolidated financial statements 9M/Q3/2012 
22/10/2012Publication of preliminary unaudited sales figures 9M/Q3/2012 
10/08/2012Publication of the consolidated half-year financial statements (at 30 June 2012) 
20/07/2012Publication of preliminary unaudited sales figures 6M/Q2/2012 
31/05/2012General Meeting of exceet Group SE in Luxembourg, 12:00 CET 
15/05/2012Publication of the financial statement Q1/2012 
15/05/2012Deutsche Bank German, Swiss & Austrian Conference - Hilton City Hotel Frankfurt/Main
20/04/2012Publication of preliminary unatudited sales figures Q1/2012 
30/03/2012Publication of the audited annual accounts 2011, exceet Group SE 
15/02/2012Publication of preliminary unaudited consolidated sales figures 2011, exceet Group SE 
16/01/2012Cheuvreux' German Corporate Conference, 
16.-18. Jan. 2012 - Frankfurt Investor Presentation


07 - 08/12/2011Munich Capital Market Conference – Investor presentation
23/11/2011Publication of the 9-month figures 2011 and Analysts Conference (21-23 November 2011) at the Equity Forum in Frankfurt, at the same time.

Investors Conference of exceet Group SE at the Equity Forum 2011 at 3:00 pm, Room Madrid
21/11/2011Extraordinary General Meeting
Hotel Le Royal, Boulevard Royal 12, L-2449 Luxembourg, 11:00 CET
20/10/2011Preliminary revenue third quarter 2011 
(IFRS, unaudited)
15/09/2011Investor Conference: Berenberg Technology Sector Conference - Paris
29/08/2011Publication of the 6-month figures 2011
Helikos SE /Exceet Group
31/05/2011Annual General Meeting 
Annual General Meeting at 115, avenue Gaston Diderich, 1420 Luxembourg, at 14h00
31/05/2011First quarter financial report
28/04/2011Annual financial report